Luthier Tools

As a professional toolmaker I am able to make my own Lutherie Tools.
This only makes sense when I need tools wich are not  commercially available, or when commercial tools do not meet the standard I require.
Upon request I also make tools for fellow Luthiers.
I don’t keep many of them in stock, so a certain amount of delivery time is unavoidable.
Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.

Some examples can be seen below.

Circle Cutter.

Brass body and arm.
Hardwood handle.
Pin = 5,00 mm.
With Pin 1/4 ” (6,35 mm.) + 10€
minimum diameter ca. 32 mm.
maximum diameter ca.150 mm.
Price: 125€ excl. BTW/VAT
shipping not included
comes with two allen keys.
At this moment 0 in stock.

 Lacote Tuners

Accurate copy of Lacote tuners from 1824.
Thread made of steel, Nuts and bushings from brass.
Knobs from ebony
set of six
Price 400€ excl. BTW/VAT
shipping not included
0 sets in stock.


 Veneer scraper

Aluminium, lightweight but sturdy veneer scraper.
Adjustable by 10mm.  thread, pitch 1 mm.
Price 175€ excl. BTW/VAT
shipping not included
Planing iron not included. (+15€)
0 in stock.


Purfling cutter

Very precise, adjustable purfling cutter.
With the weel, adjustments of up to 0,025 mm. are possible.
Also suitable for a double knife.
Price 135€ excl. BTW/VAT
shipping not included
0 in stock.

stock updated 2019-08-02

If you want more specific information, don’t hesitate to contact me.