Coming Events:
30-31 January 2018 1st European Guitar Concerto Competition and Festival, Groningen.

Past exhibitions:
CMB cordefactum 2010 : d ‘Angelico  New Yorker
Guitar builders meeting 2011: d ‘Angelico  New Yorker and de Torres 1864 la Suprema
CMB Cordefactum May 2014:  LaCote 1825 Romantic guitar, Leonardo project Torres.
2015 Holy Grail Guitar show Berlin: Leonardo project Torres.
5-8 May  2016 Twents Guitar Festival Enschede.
8-10 July 2016 Classical Guitar Retreat  Scotland.
July 2016 Iserlohn Guitar Festival.
14-16 april 2017 Cordefactum Guitar Festival,  Lier Belgium.
25-28 May 2017 Twents Guitar Festival Enschede
17-19 November 2017 Antwerp Guitar Festival

Dutch Guitar builders meeting 2011:  1th Price with d ‘Angelico  New Yorker
“Gouden Bootschaaf 2014″ Award from the CMB, Belgium.

CMB end of year concert 2007 : Pierre van Dormael on Martin 1
CMB end of year concert 2009:  Dick van der Harst en Bart Vervaeck on d ‘Angelico New Yorker
CMB end of year concert 2011: Magalie Rischette of Trio Alki on de Torres 1864 la Suprema
Guitar builders meeting  2011: Jan Akkerman on d ‘Angelico New Yorker
CMB end of year concert 2013: Oman Kaminsky on JamV Concert Model
Cordefactum 2014: Hughes Kolp and Oman Kaminsky on the Leonardo project Torres Fe 19
CMB end of year concert 2014: Jan Depreter on LaCote 1825 Romantic guitar
CMB end of year concert 2015: Menno Buggenhout on Garcia 1917 Indian Rosewood copy
Oktober 2015: Enno Voorhorst on Garcia 1917 Santos copy.
February 2016: Sanel Redzic on Garcia 1917 Santos copy
July 2016: Rene Izquerdo and Elina Chekan on Garcia 1917 Satinwood copy
July 2016: Matthew McAllister and Patrick Kearney  on Leonardo project Torres Fe 19
April 2017: Andrea de Vitis and Gaelle Solal on Leonardo project Guitar

Jan Akkerman on the d'Angelico NewyorkerGuitar hero Jan Akkerman on the d’Angelico new Yorker.