I will be present at the coming events:
20-21 february 2024    Groningen guitar Festival
25-27 May  2024 Paganini Guitar Festival  Parma, Italy.

Past exhibitions:
CMB cordefactum 2010 : d ‘Angelico  New Yorker
Guitar builders meeting 2011: d ‘Angelico  New Yorker and de Torres 1864 la Suprema
CMB Cordefactum May 2014:  LaCote 1825 Romantic guitar, Leonardo project Torres.
2015 Holy Grail Guitar show Berlin: Leonardo project Torres.
My Torres model in European woods (Beech) was presented here.
5-8 May  2016 Twents Guitar Festival Enschede.
8-10 July 2016 Classical Guitar Retreat  Scotland.
July 2016 Iserlohn Guitar Festival.
14-16 april 2017 Cordefactum Guitar Festival,  Lier Belgium.
25-28 May 2017 Twents Guitar Festival Enschede
17-19 November 2017 Antwerp Guitar Festival
30-31 January 2018 1st European Guitar Concerto Competition and Festival, Groningen.
5-8 april 2018 Springbreak Guitarfestival Lier, Belgium.
10-13 mei 2018, Twents gitaarfestival Enschede.
10-17 november 2019  Antwerp guitar festival    
12 – 14 februari 2020  2nd Guitar Concerto Competition & Festival Groningen. 
12-14 november 2021 Antwerp Guitar festival
24-27 May  2022 Paganini Guitar Festival  Parma, Italy.
28 february-2 march 2023    Groningen guitar Festival
25-27 May  2023 Paganini Guitar Festival  Parma, Italy.
10-12 november 2023 Antwerp Guitar Festival

Dutch Guitar builders meeting 2011:  1th Price with d ‘Angelico  New Yorker
“Gouden Bootschaaf 2014” Award from the CMB, Belgium.
Bronze medal at the  Antonio Marin Guitar Building contest 2018 in Granada.

Artikel Brabants dagblad, augustus 2018.
Radio interview NPO Radio 5, augustus 2018.
Artikel In de buurt Tilburg, augustus 2018.

CMB end of year concert 2007 : Pierre van Dormael on Martin 1
CMB end of year concert 2009:  Dick van der Harst en Bart Vervaeck on d ‘Angelico New Yorker
CMB end of year concert 2011: Magalie Rischette of Trio Alki on de Torres 1864 la Suprema
Guitar builders meeting  2011: Jan Akkerman on d ‘Angelico New Yorker
CMB end of year concert 2013: Oman Kaminsky on JamV Concert Model
Cordefactum 2014: Hughes Kolp and Oman Kaminsky on the Leonardo project Torres Fe 19
CMB end of year concert 2014: Jan Depreter on LaCote 1825 Romantic guitar
CMB end of year concert 2015: Menno Buggenhout on Garcia 1917 Indian Rosewood copy
Oktober 2015: Enno Voorhorst on Garcia 1917 Santos copy.
February 2016: Sanel Redzic on Garcia 1917 Santos copy
July 2016: Rene Izquerdo and Elina Chekan on Garcia 1917 Satinwood copy
July 2016: Matthew McAllister and Patrick Kearney  on Leonardo project Torres Fe 19
April 2017: Andrea de Vitis and Gaelle Solal on Leonardo project Guitar
January 2018: Sabrina Vlaskalic, Jorrit Douwes, Goran Krivokapic and Danijel Cerovic on Enrique Garcia 1917 and Manuel Ramirez 1910 copy.
January 16th. 2020: Frank Lamm on Ramirez 1910 copy with Tornavoz.

Jan Akkerman on the d'Angelico Newyorker

Guitar hero Jan Akkerman on the d’Angelico new Yorker. (2011)